What It Takes to be a Competitive Cheerleader

Cheerleading is a demanding, yet fun and exciting sport. Participants must be willing to perform in front of an audience, make wild facial expressions, dance, tumble, and so much more. With the willingness to learn, push your limits, and move out of your comfort zone, cheerleading can be a rewarding sport in Sarasota for participants. To learn more about what it takes to be a competitive cheerleader, keep on reading!

Sarasota Sun Devil Cheerleading Team

Competitive cheerleading consists of five parts: cheering, stunting, tumbling, jumping, and dancing. A well-rounded cheerleader will feel comfortable performing all five of these elements, but every cheerleader has different strengths and weakness. When competing on a team, cheerleaders should be sure to talk to their coaches about their comfort level performing each of these elements. With open communication, cheerleaders and their teammates can create a routine that shows off every athlete’s strengths.

Cheerleading teams are called “squads” for a reason. Cheerleading is all about working as a team. The elements of a cheer program would not be possible without the entire team working together to stunt, wow the audience, and keep the flow of the program moving in unison. Perfect cheer programs are achieved through outstanding teamwork.

When training as a cheerleader, it’s important to remember to start with the basics. Cheerleaders should gain a strong understanding of basic techniques, so they can grow their skills with a solid foundation. Not only will learning high-level skills be frustrating for those without a strong foundation, but these skills can also be dangerous without proper preparation. Plus, a clean and simple performance will always outdo one that is messy and complex, which is why it helps to know the basics well.

Thinking you or your child have what it takes to be a competitive cheerleader? If so, consider the Sarasota Sun Devils! We take pride in our competitive cheerleading team and are dedicated to creating an environment that encourages positivity, teamwork, and self-motivation. To learn more about the Sarasota Sun Devils cheerleading program, visit our website.

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