There are Two Ways to View Losing

It’s safe to say that no one likes to lose. The weight of defeat can seem crushing, but we do all have the option to use it as an opportunity for growth and learning. As difficult as it may seem to look at losing with any other mindset aside from anger and disappointment, there are actually two different ways to handle it. We Sarasota Sun Devils want our players to know that every game serves as a way to better ourselves, no matter the outcome. This requires a specific mindset.

Handling Losing a Game

The first way to handle losing is placing the blame on others and complaining about the outcome. It’s easy to quickly throw the blame onto another player who didn’t catch your perfect throw, or claim the other team had an unfair advantage; it’s much easier to place fault on others than it is ourselves. However, our players learn that one fumble, one trip up, one distracted player reflects on the entire team. We work as a unit, so one mistake is the mistake of all. Instead of pointing the finger and whining, it’s key to ask ourselves what we could have done differently and how we could have better supported our teammates so that they too could have been more successful.

The second way to handle a loss is by using it to find a way to win. Take note of your downfalls and come up with a plan to remedy them! Do you need to run more outside of practice and games to build your stamina and speed? Should you have studied your playbook more closely so that you know exactly where to be on the field at all times? Losing is never fun, but it can serve as a valuable lesson for self-reflection and be a gateway to improvement. Win or lose, your attitude is the most important thing you walk away with at the end of each game. Positivity and support are key, your team is your family, and you’re in this together!

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Junior Sun Devils Football | Two Ways on Viewing Losing a Game