Reasons Parents Stress Over Their Kids’ Sports

Signing your child up for youth sports is a great way to teach your child about teamwork, responsibility, and the importance of physical activity. However, youth sports can have downfalls for parents. If you are a parent who is stressing over their kid’s sports, you may want to read the following blog post.

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Parenting is stressful, but some parents feel added stress when enrolling their children in youth sports. However, a lot of parents don’t actually know where this added stress comes from. The sad truth is that a lot of the stress parents feel is actually self-inflicted. Even though this is sad, it’s also assuring to know that the stress can be relieved when the source is identified.

One reason youth sports are so stressful for parents is because parents feel a need to constantly say “yes.” If your child’s coach is asking you to volunteer at a sporting event or your child needs a ride to an away game, this may add extra weight on your shoulders. Sometimes it’s OK to say no and seek help. Consider turning down volunteer events when you’re busy or asking a fellow parents to carpool to away games.

As the parent of a youth sports athlete, you may be thinking too much about their potential to earn scholarship or play in the big leagues. While we all want our children to succeed and become the best they can be, we don’t want to stress out about their potential. If your child has the potential to earn a college scholarship or play in a professional league, that’s great, but that’s not the goal of youth sports. By changing your mind frame, you may be able to feel less stressed.

Youth sports should be fun for parents and children. If you want to get your child involved in football or cheerleading, consider the Sarasota Sun Devils. Visit our website and fill out the form on our Contact Us page to learn more about how your child can get involved in our programs.