Pay It Forward Throughout the Year as a Team

Working together as a team builds communication skills, bonds, and relationships. Teamwork is also a valuable skill for children to develop as they grow. Another valuable skill to learn is paying it forward. If your child is involved in a team sport, learn how your child can pay it forward throughout the year as a team.

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After natural disasters or emergencies, our country comes together to show support. Uniting as one to help those in need is an incredible way to show support and care. Teach these qualities to your child by organizing fundraisers and charity events that their sports team can participate in.

One way to raise money for charities or disaster funds is a coin collection drive. Grab some empty containers from around the house and send children to school with them. Students can ask their peers and teachers to donate extra change to raise funds.

Another way to help those in need is a toiletries drive. Instead of raising money, collect products like toilet paper, toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and so on. Children and their teammates can take trips to the store to purchase these goods, or go door to door asking neighbors if they have any unused toiletries they’d like to donate.

Children and their teammates can visit their local nursing home to volunteer. Children can learn how to pay it forward and put a smile on someone’s face at a senior center or nursing home facility. Cheerleading teams can even put on dance routines for the seniors to offer entertainment and practice their skills.

If you have a child who is interested in football or cheerleading, get them involved with team activities through the Sarasota Sun Devils. Learn more about our youth sports teams and get your child involved in our programs by visiting our website today!

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