Kids Should Play Sports! Here’s Why

Youth sports have many benefits to children, as well as their parents. If you have children interested in playing sports, or you are looking for activities for your children to get involved in, definitely consider enrolling your child in an athletic program. The following blog post explains why kids should play sports.

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There are Two Ways to View Losing

It’s safe to say that no one likes to lose. The weight of defeat can seem crushing, but we do all have the option to use it as an opportunity for growth and learning. As difficult as it may seem to look at losing with any other mindset aside from anger and disappointment, there are actually two different ways to handle it. We Sarasota Sun Devils want our players to know that every game serves as a way to better ourselves, no matter the outcome. This requires a specific mindset.

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It’s Time to Clean Your Football Equipment!

If you are the parent of a child who plays football, you already know that football equipment can stink. Smelly equipment is unpleasant to keep in the house and is also unsanitary. However, cleaning football equipment isn’t common knowledge. If you want to know how to clean football equipment, just keep reading!

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Helping Your Child Deal with Sports Fears

Now that schools are back in session, fall and winter sports are underway. Some children can suffer fear or apprehension about participating in sports activities. The fear might be of trying something new, being afraid to fail in a public event, or fear of interacting with unfamiliar teammates. As parents, we want to allay these fears, but we also want to teach our children how to face their fears and work through them. They also need to learn that failure is part of taking risks, and it’s okay to fail at anything as long as they are prepared to learn from it and try again. Here are some tips for parents when helping your children with sports fears:

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Remember This Before You Complain to the Coach

It’s OK to feel passionate about your child’s participation in sports. Taking your child to practice and going to games is an incredible way to show your support, but sometimes it’s possible to get too involved. If you find yourself wanting to complain to the coach of your child’s sports team, here is what you should remember.

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Pay It Forward Throughout the Year as a Team

Working together as a team builds communication skills, bonds, and relationships. Teamwork is also a valuable skill for children to develop as they grow. Another valuable skill to learn is paying it forward. If your child is involved in a team sport, learn how your child can pay it forward throughout the year as a team.

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