Parents Aren’t Stressing Youth Sports; Here’s Why

As any parent can tell you, their kids are a big deal. We are heavily invested in everything our children do and it can be all too easy to experience overwhelming feelings with their activities, especially with something so inherently competitive as sports. Nonetheless, many parents are finding ways to sit back and relax during youth sporting events. Let’s take a look at the secret to their success.

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Four Traits of a Happy and Healthy Sports Family

When you have a child involved in youth sports, it’s a family affair. Your entire family is likely involved in your child’s sport in one way or another. You may help your child train, their siblings may cheer them on during their games, and so on. To learn the four traits of a happy, healthy sports family, keep reading.

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Summertime is Playtime!

Summertime is a great time for children because they get the opportunity to play without as much structure and rules as occur during formal autumn and winter sports. This is important and parents need to remember that helping your children to succeed in sports is not only about coaching but also having fun.

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Reasons Parents Stress Over Their Kids’ Sports

Signing your child up for youth sports is a great way to teach your child about teamwork, responsibility, and the importance of physical activity. However, youth sports can have downfalls for parents. If you are a parent who is stressing over their kid’s sports, you may want to read the following blog post.

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Raise Your Kids to be Good Decision Makers

It usually takes several years for a child to truly learn how to make good decisions.  Most of us don’t learn until we reach adulthood, even, which is why you need to get an early start.  Part of the battle to be won is dealing with the impulsiveness, and the arrogance, of youth, both issues that tend to diminish with age.  Another adversary in this battle is free will; the ability to decide to make decisions, good or bad, against counsel.

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2020 Local Peace River Conference Champions!

Sarasota Sun Devils Cheer teams Mitey Mights, Pee Wee, and Varsity ALL take 1st Place!

We are so proud of these cheerleaders and coaches who put in the hard work – Congratulations!

2021 Clay ShootRegistration now open!

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