Kids Should Play Sports! Here’s Why

Youth sports have many benefits to children, as well as their parents. If you have children interested in playing sports, or you are looking for activities for your children to get involved in, definitely consider enrolling your child in an athletic program. The following blog post explains why kids should play sports.

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One reason kids should play sports is for physical benefits. Physical activity helps children stay healthy, active, and fit. Additionally, studies have shown that physical activity slows down the development of diseases and conditions in children, including obesity, osteoporosis, type two diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. With sports, children can strengthen their bones, muscles, and heart.

One-third of all children in America face childhood obesity by third grade. To help your children avoid this problem, think about getting your child involved in sports.

Not only are sports beneficial to a kid’s health, but sports also help youth with socializing. Youth sports are an excellent way for children to make friends and learn to interact with their peers. Many sports require teamwork, so your children can learn important communication skills that will benefit them throughout their lifetime. Kids can gain helpful social skills that offer lifelong benefits and can prepare them for their future.

Youth sports teach children about responsibility, self-esteem, and dedication. Through involvement in sports, children can learn more about how to manage their time, how to practice their skills, and how to feel more confident. Children involved in youth sports are less likely to become involved in drugs, smoking, teen pregnancy, and even depression.

To enroll your child in either football or cheerleading, contact the Sarasota Sun Devils today! Our youth sports team teaches children determination, responsibility, and focuses on scholarship. For more information about our programs, visit our website today!

Playing Youth Sports is Beneficial for Lakewood Ranch and Sarasota Families