Ideas for Sarasota Fall Family Fun!

Fall is the perfect time of the year to plan some family fun. There are plenty of season-specific activities that are great for families to do together. Learn about eight ideas for fall family fun by reading on.

Go picking

Visit an apple orchard or a pumpkin patch, like the Fruitville Grove, this autumn to go picking as a family. Children and adults of all ages can enjoy collecting apples or picking the perfect pumpkin for carving. There are many orchards with family-friendly activities, including corn mazes, hayrides, face painting, and more.

Sarasota Fall Family Fun


Once you pick your apples and pumpkins, it’s time to cook! Bake an apple pie or cook some pumpkin seeds as a family. Teach children some handy kitchen skills and bond over the meals you create together.


Fall provides plenty of natural inspiration for crafting. Use leaves, fall flowers, apples, and pumpkins to create crafts at home. You can make collages with leaf rubbings, stamps out of apples, and, of course, you can carve pumpkins into cute or creepy Jack O Lanterns.


The crisp, cool autumn weather is comfortable for camping. Set up a tent with your family in your backyard or your favorite campsite. Teach children about camping skills, have a campfire, and enjoy bonding as a family.


Once it arrives, the cooler fall weather also makes for an ideal hike. Enjoy getting some exercise as a family and explore what nature has to offer.

Go to the beach

Since we live in a warmer climate where the temperature doesn’t drop as much, visit the beach! The best time to go to the beach, if you live in a beach town, is the fall.

Another enjoyable family activity is going to football games! If you have children interested in playing football or cheerleading, sign them up for the Sarasota Sun Devils. Learn more about our teams by visiting our website today!