How to Make Homework a Priority During Football Season

Fall is back to school season, but it is also football season. If you have a child who is in school and also participating in football, it can be difficult to find a healthy balance between the two activities. For help learning how to make homework a priority during football season, continue reading.

Sarasota student doing homework

It’s not unusual for students to find football more fun than math or science. However, a student’s studies should be their top priority. Gaining knowledge is important for children, and performing well academically can make all the difference when it comes to college or participating in sports. After all, many sports teams require their student athletes to maintain a certain grade point average to keep their spot on the team.

In order for a child to do well in school, they must complete their homework every single night. All children learn in different ways. While some may be able to absorb information while doing homework on the car ride to football practice, other students may need to learn in a more distraction-free environment. To help your child prioritize homework, work with them to determine their ideal learning environment.

Another way to help your child focus on their homework is to make sure they complete their homework before heading to practice. Consider telling your child that they cannot attend practice if they do not complete their homework as a way to help them get their priorities in order. Parents can also encourage students to follow a routine with their academics. Designate specific times in your child’s schedule to review spelling words, timetables, or history lessons. When your child has designated times for learning and designated times for football, you may find that your child is setting their priorities straight.

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