Hey Parents, Are You Using Your Most Powerful Sports Parenting Tool?

Are you the parent of a child who is involved in Sarasota sports? If so, are you using your most powerful sports parenting tool? To learn more about your most powerful sports parenting tool, keep on reading.

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As a parent, your most powerful sports parenting tool is your tongue. The things you say, or don’t say, to your child about their involvement in sports can make all the difference. When left unchecked, the tongue can potentially cause irreparable damage in the hearts and minds of the people you love.

To use your tongue correctly, there are a few steps to follow. First, never say something about your child that you wouldn’t say to their face. If you have critiques about your child’s athletic performance that may be hurtful, keep these opinions to yourself or think of a way to frame the critic to be more positive and motivating for your child.

Another step to take is to remind yourself that the tongue is “a fire.” Think about how your words could affect your child before you say them. This also applies to the words you say to your child’s coach, their teammates, and their teammate’s parents.

Your words can speak life into your children. Try to use your tongue as a way to motivate your children and inspire them to do their best in their sport. Your tongue is the most powerful sports parenting tool, so put it to good use.

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