Four Traits of a Happy and Healthy Sports Family

When you have a child involved in youth sports, it’s a family affair. Your entire family is likely involved in your child’s sport in one way or another. You may help your child train, their siblings may cheer them on during their games, and so on. To learn the four traits of a happy, healthy sports family, keep reading.

Happy Sports Family

The first trait of a happy, healthy sports family is good communication. Good communication does not include yelling, excessive talking, or venting. Instead, it means active listening, attention to body language, respect, thoughtfulness, filtering, and supportive language.

The second trait of a happy, healthy sports family is understanding each other’s love language. Every member of your family is different, which means everyone probably has their own love language. What is your child’s love language? Do they respond to words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, physical touch, or receiving gifts? Determine which of these things says “I love you” the most to your child and integrate this into your relationship.

Laughter is the third sign of a happy, healthy sports family. Youth sports are serious, but they should also be fun! When communicating with your family, be sure to keep things fun. Laughter can keep things light and joyous, which is what the youth sports experience should be about for you and your family.

Finally, the core values of your family should remain in a youth sports setting. Whatever is most important in your home life should also be important on the field. This is the final trait of a happy, healthy sports family.

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