Five Keys to Raising Fearless Children

In order to excel in Sarasota sports, athletes need to learn to manage their fear. Fear is a common part of athletics. There is the fear of failure, the fear of risk, the fear of performing, and the fear of getting hurt. While it is important for a child to be careful and aware of the risks of their sport, it is also important for them to grow their confidence. Learn five keys to raising fearless children by reading on.

1. Keep an ear on their fearful information intake

Unfortunately, kids are exposed to a lot of information about scary situations. Whether a school shooting or a natural disaster, there is a lot of fearful information in the world. To keep kids feeling less fearful, attempt to reduce their amount of exposure to scary things like news, movies, and video games if you feel this poses a problem.

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2. Keep your fears to yourself

Most parents share the common fear of their child getting hurt while playing sports. This fear isn’t abnormal, but it is recommended you keep these feelings to yourself to allow your child to feel confident and safe.

3. Let your child fail

Failure is a part of life. Let your child fail in their sport so they can learn from this failure and avoid future mistakes.

4. Teach them to tackle fear

Instead of ignoring or hiding from the things that cause fear, inspire your child to tackle their fears. Every child is different, but attempting to handle fears head on can help in several situations. For example, if your softball athlete is afraid of sliding, encourage them to try it anyway and overcome their worried emotions.

5. Teach them that failure is OK

We all fail, and that’s OK. Be sure to teach your child that failure is OK and encourage them to learn from these circumstances.

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