Your Child and Strength Training

Strength training is a helpful way for Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch athletes to improve their performance in their sport of choice. However, the age to which athletes can start strength training is often up for debate. If you’re curious to know when your kids should begin strength training, just continue reading this blog post.

Light dumbbells

Every child is different, so the age to which a child can begin strength training varies from child to child. Rather than focusing on age, there are other various factors to pay attention to before signing your child up for a strength training.

Children should always start off slow when it comes to weight training. A child must be able to understand the correct form and technique of weight training in order for it to be safe and effective. If your child or student is still too young to understand the technique of weight training, you may want to wait a few years before signing them up for a class. Children should also understand that showing off or messing around is too dangerous when strength training. Make sure your student is mature enough to handle a weight training class.

Many argue that the growth stunt myth can affect a child’s development and ability to weight train. According to the Mayo Clinic, light weights are best for children so that their growth is not affected. More heavy duty lifting before a child’s growth spurt can potentially have negative effects. It is recommended that young children invest more time in flexibility training with light weights than more heavy duty weight training for the most positive and progressive workout possible.

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