Cheering On: Sarasota Sun Devils

There is nothing quite like enjoying a Sarasota Sun Devils game, a spirited football effort each time. For the players, the energy of the fans plays a significant factor in how they perform. Here are ten reasons kids should cheer at the games!

1. For the Players

The players can feel the excitement in the crowd, and it propels them to perform better. Each loud chant is added fuel to their fire.

2. For the Atmosphere

Enjoying the atmosphere of a game is all part of the excitement. When kids cheer and get involved with the action of the game, it can create an electrifying atmosphere.

3. For the Opposing Team

More to the deficit of the opposing team. As the crowd roars, the opposing team feels the overwhelming beat of the crowd.

4. Teaching Respect

Cheering politely and respectfully is a great way to teach children how to behave at events, and what is found acceptable at them.

5. Family Bonding

When the family cheers for a common cause, it creates a beautiful bond that is hard to find elsewhere. Encourage bonding through sports, and the rewards will be there.

6. Home Pride

Garnishing a passion for one’s home city is always a good thing because it encourages the learning of culture. A kid can learn a lot by respecting where he lives.

Sarasota Sun Devils on Field

7. Positive Attitudes

Cheering encourages a positive attitude throughout the game. As the kid cheers, he realizes the importance of optimism.

8. Accepting Defeat

Cheering can happen both when a team is winning or losing; motivation is a significant factor in sports. Kids who cheer even in defeat can learn to cope with failure better.

9. Motivating Others

On the same note as number 8, motivating others is an excellent lesson for children to learn. Ultimately kids can find that by cheering, they are helping others.

10. For Fun

Last but not least kids should cheer to have fun and enjoy the game; it is just that simple.

Come out to one of the games and experience the atmosphere for yourself. The Sarasota Sun Devils play at 6700 Clark Road in Sarasota and you can call 941-923-8733 to ask about tickets. We hope to see you at one of the games soon, cheering for all the right reasons.