All You’d Want to Know about Cheerleading

When you think of cheerleading, you may just think of individuals holding pompoms and entertaining the crowd during football games. However, there is so much more to cheerleading than this. Cheerleading is an athletic, competitive sport that can teach children about teamwork, responsibility, and sportsmanship. For more information about cheerleading, just keep on reading.

Sarasota Sun Devils Cheerleaders

There are several different types of cheerleading. The first is the type of cheerleading we mentioned earlier, which is school cheer. School cheerleading teams are dedicated to promoting a school and their athletic teams. School cheerleaders perform during school sporting events, as well as pep rallies. School cheerleading can be simple or complex, depending on the specific school. While some school cheerleading teams just practice basic routines and chants, others incorporate stunts and tumbling passes into their performances.

The next type of cheerleading is all-star cheer. All-star cheer is the most rigorous type of cheerleading, which is strictly competitive. Usually, all-star cheer teams don’t perform at sporting events, but rather at cheerleading competitions against other all-star teams. All-star teams have choreographed routines to music that involve dancing, cheering, tumbling, and stunting. When a child is involved in all-star cheering, they are able to learn about working as a team towards a goal. They also gain an understanding of sportsmanship and responsibility. Plus, all-star cheerleading is fun!

If you have a child who is interesting in cheerleading, consider working with the Sarasota Sun Devils. Our cheerleading program allows children to showcase their talents, learn new skills, build their confidence, work together as a team, and make new friends. To learn more about the Sarasota Sun Devils cheerleading team, visit our website and fill out the form on our “Contact Us” page.

All About the Sport of Cheerleading, Sarasota FL