6 Things Great Sports Parents Know & Do for Their Kids

Millions of parents across the globe get to call themselves “sports parents.” However, how many of these parents get to call themselves “great sports parents?” Being a great sports parent can be done in several different ways. As a matter of fact, here are six things great Sarasota sports parents know and do for their kids:

1. Know that youth sports should be fun.

Of course, we all want our children to excel at what they do, but a huge part of youth sports is just having fun. Allow yourself to relax and let your child have fun, and even consider celebrating the little victories that come along with sports.

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2. Know that mistakes are for learning.

Let your child know that it is OK to fail, as long as they learn from their mistakes. If your child doesn’t meet their full potential during practice, during a game, or during a performance, let them know that these mistakes are an opportunity to grow and learn.

3. Know that success is not given, but earned.

Sometimes kids don’t know that success requires diligence and determination. Make sure to teach your child that they must work to improve at their sport, and encourage them to do so on their own.

4. Understand that it takes a team.

If your child is participating in team sports, let them know that it is important to work as a team to achieve goals. As a way to show this to your child, consider volunteering to help the team during practices or games. This way your child can see first hand how your work, their work, and the work of others all come together.

5. Know that you should listen and ask, rather than push.

Pushing a young athlete too hard can backfire, which is why it is important to encourage your child without being too tough. Always make sure to ask your child questions about their participation in sports and listen to their replies. This way you will know when to encourage your child, and when to simply support them.

6. Look at the big picture.

As parents, we believe our children can do anything. However, don’t let yourself get caught up in the idea of your child going on to play major league sports one day. The big picture of youth sports is for your child to learn important lessons and have fun. While it is possible that your child will go on to become a star athlete one day, it is more likely that their time in youth sports will help them develop into an outstanding person. Keep this philosophy in mind and you will be able to be a great sports parent.

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