Sarasota Sun Devils

    Our Mission

    The Sarasota Sun Devils organization’s mission is to inspire developing student athletes within a safe place to learn, grow, and enjoy competitive sports, while nourishing scholastic excellence and encouraging a strong work ethic.

    Sarasota Youth Football | Devils Football Team & Cheerleaders

    Our Sundevil Scholars

    • Avery Alcala, Jr.PW
    • Luke Brown, Jr.PW
    • Davin Davidson, Jr.PW
    • Jason Folvig, Jr.PW
    • Chase Fritz, Jr.PW
    • Braydon Gonzalez, Jr.PW
    • Boston McCarthy, Jr.PW
    • Trenton Mullet, Jr.PW
    • Miles Przekwas, Jr.PW
    • Robert Shields, Jr.PW
    • Logan Alexander, PW
    • Keller Button, PW
    • Grady Hillerich, PW
    • Quinn Hillerich, PW
    • Graham Jaynes, PW
    • Emerson Jones, PW
    • Liam Lizotte, PW
    • Bryce Schaeffer, PW
    • Nicholas Tregenbo, PW
    • Bradon Day, JV
    • Cooper Dotson, JV
    • John Fleming, JV
    • Luke Haskins, JV
    • Owen Hiatt, JV
    • Xander Jacobson, JV
    • Jaden Key, JV
    • Joshua Lizotte, JV
    • Landon Marsters, JV
    • Jackson Mullet, JV
    • TY Nutter, JV
    • Nathan Pralle, JV
    • Jake Ranney, JV
    • Aiden Renick, JV
    • Dominic Speranza, JV
    • Nicholas Torres, JV
    • Katelynn Lynch, Jr.PW
    • Victoria Singer, Jr.PW
    • Milan Brigham, V
    • Shae Daluise, V
    • Alexis Lesser, V
    Online Registration Is Now Open!Click here to begin registration.

    Interested in coaching for the 2020 season? Please contact our Athletic Director, Michael Zinn, or our Cheer Director, Cori Yax.

    Our organization is cognizant of the ongoing threat of COVID-19. We will be delaying the second part of the registration process, which is done in-person, until we receive authorization to proceed. We will announce dates and times as they become available.