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How do I register my child?

2022 Fall Season Registration is Now Open!

We are looking forward to the upcoming Fall Season !

Registration is still open for the following age groups:

6U (5-6 year olds)

8U ( 7-8 year olds)

14U (13-14 year olds)

Cheer – All Age Groups


All other age groups ( 10U, 11U and 12U) are currently waitlisted.

If you would like to register your child for Football or Cheer, please contact us by sending a private message and we will make arrangements to meet.

Have a lovely day and


(Year round cheer option available. For more information, continue reading the FAQ page.)

Step One. Complete the online registration for Fall 2022. The online registration can be found here:

Step Two. After completing the required online registration, please complete and submit the necessary forms at one of the scheduled in-person registrations. All Registration forms for the 2022 Season can be found below. The Pop Warner Little Scholars organization has a clear focus on the safety and academics of its participants. As a result, there are a few “mandatory” forms that must be completed in order to register your child. Below is a summary of all the necessary paperwork.

Our organization is cognizant of the ongoing threat of COVID-19. We will follow any recommended CDC guidelines.

Items Needed for Registration

Completed Registration Forms 
Official Birth Certificate
– Bring original and make a copy of your birth certificate and bring both with you to registration. Returning 2021 Sun Devil players/cheerleaders DO NOT need to bring a Birth Certificate

Please note: For the 2022 Season, the Sarasota Sun Devils will have a league Physician available for Physicals at some registration dates.

*A “full year” report card will be required before any child will be eligible to participate.

All Physicals must be performed and signed in the year 2022.
No physicals dated or performed in 2021 or prior will be accepted. This includes the date the physical was performed on the child.
All physicals must be done on the Pop Warner physical form NOT a Sarasota County School form.
Also, NO FAX COPIES will be accepted. League rules require the form to be the original document.

IMPORTANT reminders when filling out the online registration and registration forms

  • Must use the child’s full legal name as shown on their birth certificate
  • Must use the same address for child and parent throughout
  • Must use a main phone number throughout
  • Must provide an alternate emergency number but it can’t be the same as the primary number.
  • Please make sure to include an email address.
  • If you make an error on a form, put one line through the text and make the correction. Do not use white out or scribble out text on the form.

Download Physical FormDownload Player Contract Download Parent Code of ConductDownload Video/Photo Release Download Parent Volunteer Form

What are the age requirements?

The many recent changes made by National Pop Warner including contact and practice limitations, game play and refereeing practices have made the Pop Warner football game safer than it has ever been. Given the many changes, it is now possible to safely modify how teams are established.

For the 2021 Fall Season we will offer the following age based football divisions:
Division Age is as of July 31st

Group Ages Weight
6U Ages 5-6 Unlimited
8U Ages 7-8 Unlimited
10U Ages 8-10 Unlimited
12U Ages 10-12 Unlimited
14U Ages 12-14 Unlimited

For the 2021 Fall Season we will continue to offer the following cheer divisions:

(New! Year round cheer option available. For more information, continue reading the FAQ page.)

Group Ages
Tiny Mites Ages 5-7
Mitey Mites Ages 7-9
Junior Pee Wee Ages 8-11
Pee Wee Ages 9-12
Jr. Varsity Ages 10-13
Varsity Ages 12-16
How much is registration and what’s included?

New! Year Round Cheer

2022 Registration Costs

Football 6U: $150 Registration, 8U-14U: $325 Registration, $25 Discount per additional child
Cheer (All levels): $345 Registration, $25 Discount per additional child.
Year round cheer option available. You can sign up for the Fall 2021 season for $345, or you can sign up for Fall 2022 with the option to add year round at the in-person registration for an additional $150 payable by check or cash. You save $50 if you sign up now through the open registration period. The fee for later enrollment of the year round cheer season will be an additional $200. Any questions about year round cheer, you can email our Cheer Director, Cori Yax,


All football players will be provided with a helmet, shoulder pads, game pants, game jersey and game day t-shirt. Not included but required: Mouth piece with strap to connect to helmet and football cleats. Cleats can be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marshalls, Ross, or any sporting good store.

Football players will be able to keep their “Game” Jersey and t-shirt at the end of the season.

Cheerleaders will be provided with game day uniform (shell and skirt with built in bloomers), competition top (paired with game day skirt), competition shoes, game day bow, pink bow (for October), competition bow, one traveler uniform (shirt and shorts) and a backpack. Registration fees also cover team registration fees to PRC competition. Game day uniform, competition top and backpack with be collected after the last competition. All additional costs for competitions will covered by fundraising. Any financial short comings will be parent responsibility to pay for.

Cheerleaders will need to purchase the following: additonal practice Soffe shorts (Black), white game day shoes and white no show socks.

Cheerleaders will be able to keep their “competition” shoes, bows, traveler’s and any additional “gifts” that may be provided at the end of the season. There is also an option to purchase the backpack upon exiting the program prior to aging out.

Scholarship Opportunities


Income based with a variable fee scale. Determined with a financial matrix; the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship Matrix along with Sarasota County School Board Free/Reduced Lunch Matrix. Scholarships are good for only one season. You must reapply each season.

All applications and financial information will be kept confidential.


Required Documents

  1. Copy of current income tax return
  2. Copy of two (2) consecutive pay stubs (or a letter from employer)
  3. Copy of SNAP, free lunch or Medicaid
  4. Proof of unemployment (if applicable)
  5. Completed Sun Devils scholarship application
Download Application


  • Submit all required documents 14 days prior to registration by email to:
  • Reviewed by scholarship committee of 3 (Treasurer, President and Registrar)
  • Notify family of eligibility via email
  • You must bring a copy of the approval email to registration

SCHOLARSHIP LEVELS (using income matrix)

    Hardship: 100% scholarship (Lowest bracket along with letter of circumstances. Further documents may be required) Priority: 75% scholarship Standard: 50% Scholarship
How long is the season?

The Pop Warner Season always starts on August 1.
For both Football and Cheerleading, there are post-season playoffs/competitions if your team qualifies.
All competitions are completed by Mid-December.

(Fall cheer season 8/1 – October with post season continuing through mid December Year round cheer 8/1 through May)


Conference Championship: End of October
Regional Championship: Beginning of November

*Pop Warner Super Bowl & National Cheer and Dance Championships at Camping World Stadium and Universal Orlando Resort.
Dates subject to change.


Peace River Conference Championship: October
Southeast Region Championship: November, Thanksgiving Weekend

*Pop Warner Super Bowl & National Cheer and Dance Championships at Camping World Stadium and Universal Orlando Resort.
Dates subject to change.

When do we practice?

Practice Begins August 1

For the Month of August: Practices can be up to 5 nights a week Monday through Friday from 5:45-8:45pm, plus possible weekend practices.

After the first game and through the regular season: Practices are 3 nights a week.

**Please Note**
All family vacations need to be completed prior to August 1.
Pop Warner rules require a specific amount of conditions and practice hours be completed prior to participating in regular games. These requirements require all participants to be present on August 1.

When do we play?

Game Day is Saturday!

All teams play an 8 game schedule.
6U – 14U teams are also eligible for post-season playoffs.

The typical game day is scheduled as follows:
6U 9:00am
8U 11:00am
10U 1:00pm
12U 3:00pm
14U 5:00pm

Please visit the “Calendar” page to view and print a list of all our 2021 games. (schedules are always subject to change) 
**All participants arrive one hour or more prior to game time – home or away**

What are the mandatory play rules?

Pop Warner is one of the few youth leagues in the country which has enacted & ENFORCES a mandatory minimum play requirement for all players. The rule is listed here and is absolute.

The following are excerpts from the By-Laws regarding the Mandatory play rule.

1. Each team shall strictly follow the current National MPR.
2. Game officials will notify both Head coaches at the end of the third quarter of play, that any player who has not met the MPR should now be placed in the game.
3. Any player who has not met the MPR by the end of the 3rd quarter, according to the MPR sheet, MUST start the 4th quarter, regardless of whether that team is on Offense or Defense. These players shall remain in the game until they have met the MPR. The  MPR sheet shall be considered the FINAL WORD and may not be over-ruled by ANY coach or Commissioner.

The current National Pop Warner rule book states the following with regards to the MPR.

16-25 players    –    10 plays
26-30 players    –     8 plays
31-35 players    –     6 plays

The MPR is determined by the number of players eligible at the time of the game, and not based on the size of the roster.

Chain of Command

If there is a question or complaint against a player, a parent, a member of the coaching staff, an official, a member of the Board of Directors, or the Board of Directors, the complaint must be filed with the appropriate member in the Chain of Command.

The Chain of Command is as follows:

  • Head Coach
  • Football or Cheer Director
  • Association Vice President
  • Association President
  • Association Board of Directors
When do you contact Conference?

There are only three people from your Association who can contact Conference:

Your Association President, Athletic Director, and Cheer Director.

If you have an issue that you believe should come to the attention of Peace River Conference, please do this through one of your three Conference Representatives. If you have a complaint against the Association’s Board of Directors, then, and only then, may you submit a formal complaint in writing to the President of Peace River Conference.


How do I contact National Pop Warner?

National Pop Warner doesn’t hear complaints from anyone. If you have a complaint, please contact us directly using the button below.

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